About Us


is a professionally run, Dubai-based company that envisions to become a provider of a diverse portfolio of high quality products & services with a global presence, with a core focus on the Automotive & Farm Equipment Sectors.

As high-quality products can be only as good as the people who use them, we at Sarga, want to share our special know-how with our customers by conducting skill building trainings, educational seminars and workshops to give you the best knowledge for successful applications.

SARGA’s name is inspired by a Sanskrit term that encompasses the creation and evolution of the universe. It symbolizes a harmonious blend of aspiration, determination, effort, resolve, and the driving force of aggression, all combining to make it captivating and dynamic.


“Creation of New Opportunities with Innovative Technology” And thereby empower and transform the lives of our stakeholders

Live Our Purpose
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will always be our pole star as we keep exploring new avenues of business expansion & growth.
Honor Our Commitments
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we deliver on our commitments thereby ensuring profitable growth through execution focus.
Become Future Ready
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will leverage technology not only on product side but also on other business aspects - service, logistics, MIS & Finance.

Build the Core….Generate Profitability….Exploit New Opportunities

Identify & build presence in key markets for Sarga through Automotive & Farm Equipment as the primary offering

Leverage the core presence to build a deep & profitable Spare Parts Business, both OEM branded and White Label

Build Scale: Establish The Core

Identify & build presence in key markets for Sarga through Automobiles (2W, 3W, EV) as the primary offering

Exploit additional opportunities and other product lines in focus markets

Exploit additional opportunities: smaller markets other product lines in focus markets

Cumulative core team experience
– Type of Markets


Build – Distribute – Trade


• Critical for success
• High potential volume
• Established Indian brands
• Important for Sarga
• High focus on Brand building & Service support

- Own Operations
- Country Team & Infrastructure
- Deep Focus
- High Investment


Critical •
Medium market size •
Future Growth Potential •

Country Dealer -
Work closely & provide -
strong support to Country -
Dealer -
High / Medium focus -
Critical Service support -


• Small markets
• Can generate additional but
• small volume
• Essential Service support

- Regular Cluster Dealer
- Trading operations